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According to Wikipedia traditional Abrasive blasting, commonly known as Sandblasting, is achieved by using pressure to force a stream of abrasive material onto the surface to remove any dirt on the surface as well as to 'break' the surface of smooth products such as glass.

While, with the correct equipment, traditional sandblasting could possibly be done in many locations, it is a VERY messy job, and is not suitable for confined spaces or offices.

With the introduction of SANDBLAST EFFECT vinyl, also known as WINDOW FROSTING, very intricate artistic designs can be worked onto glass panes in occupied and confined spaces.

Sandblast effect vinyl allows a lot of light to pass through it, and because there are a fair number of variations of sandblast effect vinyl – from plain vinyl to textured and designed pre-cutting, window frosting it is a firm favorite with many interior decorators.

Window frosting is relatively easy to modify with cutting design, simple (for qualified or experienced) personal to apply and easy to remove without having to replace the glass – something that renting tenants are aware of, especially when they are required to restore the rented premises to original status when vacating the premises.

Increased privacy – whether for home or office  - is another benefit of window frosting.


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