Banners are generally seen as flexible, universal signs, mostly temporary (life expectancy of up to 6 months) in nature. Over the years 'banners' have changed, from the original 'banner' which was a coated paper that was decorated with ink or paint.

For signs, modern woven, stretchable 'flexface' came onto the market. 'Flexface' is a generic name for a woven 'plastic', wide width, seamless flexible substrate (commonly referred by sign businesses as banner) material that can have an outdoor life of anywhere from a few weeks to around seven years, depending on the make up and quality of the material. The weave in flexface banner material is intended to increase the strength and durability of the substrate, generally with the better weave being used with more heavier and more costly material resulting in a longer life of the flexface banner.

Flexface is available in two options, 'backlit' and 'black/white' flexface banner.

Backlit flexface is a durable substrate that can be used on large sign faces (think billboards and internally illuminated light box signs), allowing for uniform light transmission through the substrate.

Black / white flexface banner is a durable substrate that can be used on large sign faces (think billboards and front illuminated signs). The black / white substrate does not allow light through, and is thus a great material to use when large signs are required where the sign is front illuminated and no sun or light should be visible from the rear of the sign.

Banners are not limited to flexface materials. There are a large range of 'banner' materials used for an even larger number of purposes. Each material tends to have a primary specific purpose, and many other possible uses as well.

The generic phrase 'Banner' is used to refer to a number of signs. 'Banners' range from a old style 'banner' supplied with ropes and eyelets to tie the banner in position to shaped 'flag' banners that come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and can be used from point of sale to advertising and display 'banners' that are used by marketers on sports fields.

Banners can be secured to almost any structure, and flag type banners can be supplied with fixings so they can be secured into the ground. The banner you will use will depend a lot on your requirements, what the banner is being used for, where the banner is to be located and how long the banner is expected to last.

Banners are an inexpensive option for signs and have shown a great change following the introduction of advanced digital printing techniques, and full colour electronic boards.

Types of Banners

Also known as PVC banners, Promotional signs, roll-up signs, tear-drop banners, folding wall signs, flexface, promotional banners, pop-up banners and popup banners and a number of other banners as listed below.

A-frame banners are great for indoor and outdoor use, and are often seen promoting brands at sports events. In windy conditions, the banner can be anchored by normal tent pens on each corner. A-frame banners can be displayed horizontally with one or two banners, or vertically with three banners. Because they are mobile, versatile and easy to use, some people consider A-Frame banner’s a “must have” marketing tool for any marketing campaign.

Advertising banners signs and promotional banner signs are cost effective, quick and easy products to use to grab attention and direct attention to the advertised product or service.

Advertising and promotional banner signs are very popular for promoting events, promoting sales, advertising clearance events, advertising openings and creating awareness.

Advertising and promotional banner signs are relatively inexpensive, temporary signs that are fantastic for raising brand awareness, especially for specific products or services.

Advertising and promotional banner signs should preferably consist of a graphic, text and a call to action. It is important that the designer remain aware that more is not always better, in that the more text the less read time and the lower the potential impact of the banner. As a rule of thumb, advertising and promotional banner signs should be limited to six visual points in order to maximize impact and effectiveness.

Advertising and promotional banner signs are popular with political campaigns and marches, possibly because they are relatively inexpensive, disposable signs that are easy to transport, erect and remove.

Advertising and promotional banner signs are less costly than other traditional signs that tend to last longer. The advantage of advertising and promotional banner signs is that because they are temporary and low cost they can be used to test the market and are also a good stepping stone for new businesses who can have a cheap but effective sign on a low budget and can upgrade to a traditional sign when the budget allows.

Circular banners and round banners are effective because they provide unique, eye-catching shapes which, when combined with the movement of the ‘flying banner’, draws the viewers attention to a specific message or product.

The curved area of circular banners and round banners is designed to ‘feather’ with the wind. It is this movement which effectively draws attention to the displayed message. (See also High Flying banners)

Circular banners and round banners can assist with reinforcing a brand’s visual identity in order to make the brand or product more memorable. The help reinforce a brand’s visual identity and make it more memorable. Circular banners and round banners, as well as banners with unique shape can also help make a brand stand out, especially in a busy, a crowded marketplace.

Circular banners and round banners tend to be more visually appealing because they do not have any sharp corners. Circular banners and round banners are also popular with marketers and as corporate gifts when used as wind-shield blockers or wind-shield protectors that help keep the sun (and unwanted eyes) looking into parked vehicles.

Circular banners and round banners are versatile and can be used in a large number of settings, from trade shows and events to in-store displays. Circular banners and round banners are fantastically versatile for digital advertising and can be adapted to fit a range of messages and pictures ranging from promotional offers to product launches.

Circular banners and round banners can be also used when there is limited space available as the light weight banners can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on walls to help create a focal point in a room.

In conclusion, circular banners and round banners can be an extremely effective way to communicate a message and or promote a product because their unique shape helps the circular banners and round banners stand out and capture potential customers attention.

Curved wall banners, also referred to as a media wall or backdrop banners, are very easy to use, giant wall type banner for indoor or outdoor use (see wall banners).

Good curved wall banners are quick and easy to erect, creating an ideal backdrop for your interview, display or promotional table, which is why they are popular for trade shows.

Curved wall banners offer several advantages over traditional straight banner walls, these include aesthetic appeal with the curved banners being more visually appealing than straight banners.

Curved wall banners also allow for greater visibility from different angles, making curved wall banners more effective for catching people’s attention.

Curved wall banners can be more space-efficient, because the curved wall banner may fit into space where a straight wall would not be able to. As such curved wall banners are very popular in areas with limited floor space.

Curved banner walls offer several benefits that can make them a more attractive option for people looking for a dynamic and eye-catching display for their events or trade shows.

Flexface banners allow for the creation of large seamless signs that can be mounted onto a wide variety of surfaces.

Flexface banners can be printed and stretched so tight that it gives the appearance of a large, flat metal sign that has zero joints.

Flexface banners allow for signs to be custom designed and decorated with high resolution full color prints.

A flexface banner is a type of banner made from a flexible material, typically vinyl or PVC that has a woven thread in the banner to increase it’s strength and durability.

Flexface banners are a popular choice for outdoor advertising and promotional displays because of their durability, ease of installation, and resistance to wind and weather.

Surfaces that Flexface banners can be mounted onto include buildings, bridges, scaffolding and steel frames.

Flexface banners are often printed with graphics and text, making them an effective way to convey a message or promote a brand.

Hanging Banners are printed on opaque or translucent polyester, fabric, mesh, paper flexface or Chromadek (metal) material.

Depending on the application and where the Hanging Banners are used, the banner could be finished with brass eyelets top and bottom. It is also common for Hanging Banners to have a reinforced seam top and bottom so that the banner can be suspended from above while being weighted at the bottom.

Hanging banners refers to a type of display banner that is suspended from a ceiling, structure (including poles), or support. Hanging banners are typically secured using ropes, cords, cable ties or metal hardware.

Hanging banners are popular for retail displays and displays such as static flags, which are a form of advertising, promotion, or signage. Hanging banners are found in a number of settings which includes trade shows, retail spaces, event venues, and public spaces.

High-flying banners is the generic name given to the group of five different type of ‘high-flying’ banners.

High-flying banners are fantastic attention grabbers because of their size and their movement.

High-flying banners come in a variety of sizes with different heights and widths available.

High-flying banners are truly a fantastic and eye-catching option for any outdoor event, making them popular for outdoor event advertising an promotions.

High-flying banners are lightweight, portable and very easy to set-up.

The five banners within the ‘high-flying’ range are:

  • Dolphin Banner / fin banner
  • Telescopic flag / feather flag banner
  • Curve Head Banners
  • Quick Banners / Wing banners and
  • Weathercock Banners

Mesh banners are porous, see through – or ventilated – banners are great for external use, especially in windy area’s where you’re trying to keep the wind from warping and ruining your large banner signs.

The traditional mesh banners are fairly see through, which unfortunately can make them look a bit bizarre when seeing from too close.

Mesh banners are not a good choice if you plan on placing your banner signs up next to a wall or if the banner is intended to hide, separate or demarcate area’s.

Mesh banners are generally quite easy to tear and stretch, and are not expected to have an outdoor life exceeding three months in the South African climate.

Mesh banners do have a place as they are use specific. Because mesh banners can be digitally printed in full color and they allow air to pass through them, mesh banners are extremely popular for some very large outdoor banners.

Mesh banners are also used for huge building wraps, attached to scaffolding for outdoor events, and attached along fences or on banner stands as great, short term, promotional tools.

Mesh banners are best suited for situations where air and / or light is needed to pass through the banner (as with a building wrap) or when a large banner will have huge wind resistance pushing against it.

The holes in the mesh reduce the wind resistance on the banner, reducing the risk of the banner tearing. Reinforced hems with grommets are the most popular finishing for large mesh banners while smaller mesh banners can be finished with velcro backing along the edges.

Mesh banners are often used on construction sites to promote the construction projects or to provide information about the project to the viewer.

Mesh banners are a popular choice for outdoor events, such as festivals and concerts, because they are durable and can provide high visibility – even in windy conditions.

Mesh banners are regularly used at sports venues, such as stadiums and arenas, to promote teams, sponsors, and events.

Mesh banners are known for their durability, ease of installation, and resistance to wind and weather, making them a popular choice for outdoor advertising and promotional displays.

Panel tower banners are a type of display banner that is mounted on a freestanding structure, typically a panel tower, scaffolding or flagpole

Panel tower banners can be three or four sided. Tower banners are often large enough to have somebody stand inside and can be finished with an opening so it can be used as a mini booth.

Panel tower banners can be illuminated from the inside creating an impressive branding beacon.

Smaller panel tower banners can be easily erected and folded away for easy transport.

Panel tower banners are commonly used in outdoor settings, such as parks, on the side of high traffic roads, outside shopping centers or event venues – especially road, rowing and cycling races.

Panel tower banners are specifically designed to provide short term high visibility from a distance.

Polyester banners are mostly high gloss and great for ‘on-screen’ advertising, such as commercials or perhaps signs for a movie showcasing banner signs.

Polyester banners are not ideal for long term external use in South Africa as they tend to fade and weather very fast, especially when left in direct sun and / or rain.

Polyester banners is a generic term for a wide range of materials that get mixed with polyester, each with different purposes. Some of the polyester banners include:

1) Polyester knit fabric banners – Polyester knit fabric is a heavy weight stretch fabric that gives opacity and great definition on all colors. Polyester knit fabric banners are quick and easy to install, partly because Polyester knit fabric banners gives equal stretch in both directions and offers excellent wrinkle resistant characteristics which is why Polyester knit fabric banners are recommended for trade show booths and displays.

2) Polyester poplin fabric banners – Poly Poplin is softly texture wrinkle-resistant fabric with a beautiful draping quality. Intended for event and promotions. Polyester poplin fabric banners are printable and can be stretched to create ambient indoor light boxes and large display screens. Polyester poplin fabric banners are light weight and as such are easily suspended from ceilings or other structures.

3) Polyester satin fabric banners – Satin fabric enhances printed designs for a rich looking appearance. Polyester satin fabric banners are often seen appointed with hanging cords, tassels and fringes. Polyester satin fabric banners are regularly used when upmarket displays are required.

4) Polyester sheer fabric banners – Polyester sheer fabric banners have a silk like feel and are ideal for producing lightweight flags, banners, table top and trade show displays, window decorations and window backlits. Polyester sheer fabric banners may be used indoors or outdoors, keeping in mind that when used outdoors the material generally has a short expected life.

5) Polyester silk fabric banners – Polyester silk fabric banners offer the feel of silk in 100% polyester. Polyester silk fabric has the sheer quality that allows light to come through and has an unusual but gorgeous affect that even the image once printed or dyed is semi-transparent. Unprinted Polyester silk fabric banners can also be used for light shades and light de-fusion.

6) Polyester soft heavy fabric banners – Poly soft heavy fabric banners are washable and wrinkle-resistant. Because polyester soft heavy fabric banners are printable and durable they are an excellent choice for trade show backdrops and promotional stands.

7) Polyester soft light fabric banners – While Poly soft fabric does not shrink or expand (+- 1%) it allows air to circulate so it is ‘breathable’, making printed Polyester soft light fabric banners a good choice for building wraps and other large format prints.

Polyester banners offer a combination of decent durability, light weightiness, affordability, and print quality, making them a popular choice for many types of promotional and other applications.

Pull-up banners refers to banners that consist of a durable stand with a retractable mechanism that allows the banner to be pulled up and displayed quickly and easily. When not in use, the banner rolls back (manually or mechanically) into the base, making it compact and easy to transport.

Pullup banners, also known as Pop-Up Display Banners or sometimes referred to as Roller Banner, roll up banner, retractable banner and X-Banners – the name tending to differ from supplier to supplier.

Generally the name for Pull-up banners is supplier specific, although the products, while they all have their own merits and disadvantages, are very similar from a display perspective.

The largest differences are generally the working mechanism of the base and then the substrate that the message is printed on, with the more upmarket Pull-up banners being printed onto non-curl material (so the edges do not curl in and distracting from the marketers intended message).

Most pull up banners come with a stand and a bag, so it is easy to transport where ever you may go. Pull Up banners are very easy to assemble and are lightweight, great for travellers, one off events, reception areas, retail and for mobile corporate functions.

Pull-up banners can be used over and over again, as well as easily and inexpensively having the intended marketing and advertising message changed.

Large advertisement PVC (Mesh) banners for hanging outside of buildings are constructed from durable PVC Mesh.

The PVC (Mesh) Banners can be digitally printed with full color graphics.

PVC Mesh Banners allows airflow and light to flow through to the areas behind the PVC (Mesh) Banner making PVC (Mesh) Banners the material of choice for building wraps.

If chosen to put in front of or next to your window PVC (Mesh) Banners do not significantly restrict the view or the light that enters through the window that it covers as the light is only filtered and not entirely blocked.

Building wraps are used to cover the exterior of a building during construction, renovation or as a paid advertising billboard.

Building wraps help serve as a protective barrier to shield the interior of the building from wind, rain, dust, and debris.

Building wraps are typically made of plastic, vinyl, PVC Mesh Banner or fabric and are designed to be durable and weather-resistant.

Building wraps are often printed with images or logos to help advertise, whether it be the construction project, the company involved in work or for a third party.

Building wraps are most commonly used in densely populated urban areas, especially where construction is taking place on high-rise buildings or large commercial or industrial projects and when marketers see a great opportunity to advertise products or services to a mass audience.

Roll-up banners are also known as pull-up banners or retractable banners. Roll-up banners are portable, lightweight, and easy-to-use displays that are commonly used for marketing and promotional purposes and can be considered similar to a small, portable movie screen or small selfie backdrop.

Good quality Roll-up banner displays (see also pop up banners, pull up banners and X banners) have a higher quality mechanical recoil mechanism which allows the banner to be rewound into the base of the unit when not in use or to be transported.

Roll-up banners should be easy to set up and take down with the graphics being protected for transport as the graphic will be rewound into the base.

Roll-up banners are usually heavier and more expensive than say X Banners, due to the rewind mechanism.

Many of the roll-up banner units come equipped with easy assembly, adjustable height poles.

There are many different types of roll-up banner stands, including single and double sided roll-up banner stands, allowing the advertiser to change the look of the advertisement they you would like to portray.

In South Africa some roll up banner names include:
The Econo Roll-Up Banner stand – a single use banner not suitable for changing banner graphics.
The Orient Retractable – Ideal for point of purchase or point of sale presentations, the basic design and efficient roll-up banner technology combine to make this retractable banner a cost-effective solution when display units are required.
The Traveller Roll-Up Banner Stand – An economical, heavy duty roll-up banner stand that provides for fast and easy set-up. Single or double sided models make this stand suitable for indoor and table side use.

Roll-up banners are a popular choice for exhibitors at trade shows, conferences, meetings, networking events, festivals, concerts, and sporting events, as they provide for relatively low cost professional and eye-catching displays.

Roll-up banners are also used in retail outlets to promote products, advertise sales or in-store events.

Regardless of where roll-up banners are used, roll-up banners are a versatile and cost-effective way to get your message across to a wide audience.

Street banners – also referred to as avenue banners, street flags or light pole banners – are mostly digitally printed on a variety of substrates, ranging from vinyl to banner material to umbrella fabric.

Street banners are banners that are mostly placed on street poles or light poles in order to provide information, advertise products , advertise services and promote events.

Street banners are used to grab the attention of people passing by and help generate interest in a specific event, product or service.

Street banners can be used to reinforce a company’s brand, services or message. Having a consistent look and feel across a series of banners gives a company the opportunity to increase brand recognition and awareness, and possibly even reinforce brand loyalty.

Street banners can be helpful to create a sense of community and bring people together, especially when used in a local community to highlight local events, celebrate holidays, or promote community initiatives.

Teardrop banners are also referred to as Flying banners, banner flags, teardrop flag, feather banner and sports banners.

Teardrop banners are a type of advertising flag or banner that is mostly shaped like a teardrop,

While Teardrop banners are mostly used for outdoor advertising and event promotions, Tear-drop banners are great for indoor and outdoor use because Teardrop banners are available in a range of shapes (looking similar to a tear drop) and various sizes.

The innovative design of the tear-drop banner ensures they can cut through wind and rain to remain standing.

As with all outdoor material products, it is important to remember that direct exposure to sun, rain or any other harsh weather conditions will reduce the expected outdoor life of any Teardrop banners.

Tear-drop banners are available in a number of fabrics, some of which allow for printing on either one or both sides.

Some Tear-drop banners come with a standard metal stake to secure the Teardrop banners to the ground. These metal stakes are also compatible with other hardware such as bate plates. Generally the complete unit is supplied in a portable carry bag

The teardrop banners shape makes tear-drop banners effective for catching the attention of potential customers, one reason tear-drop banners are commonly used at trade shows, outdoor events, and along mostly roadways.

Vinyl (plastic) banners are one of your best options for long life banners (as most banners are made out of some soft plastic or vinyl).

Vinyl material can be long lasting, durable, and the best material from a wide range materials to be used to create banners.

Vinyl (plastic) banners can have a long life it they are treated to be UV resistant

Banners can be an inexpensive option for signs and can be printed to suit almost any advertisers message.

Wall banners, also referred to as a media wall or backdrop banners, are very easy to use, large wall type banner backdrops for indoor or outdoor use

Wall banners are typically decorated with printed polyester flag material attached to a supporting, light weight, structure with hooks, magnets or Velcro strips.

Wall banners, or banner walls, are intended to be light weight and portable so they can be transported easily.

Depending on the material used for the print wall banners may need to be carried rolled up or folded.

Wall banners fold up compact into a durable carry bag (that is generally supplied with the wall banner) and are extremely easy to assemble, disassemble and move from destination to destination.

Banner walls are great for promotional events, sports events and trade shows, promotional activities and selfie backdrops because they are intended to be used over and over.

If you intend to use your banner wall repeatedly it is worth investing in a more durable, possibly more expensive, frame and carry case, as the ‘cheaper’ frames tend to have a shorter life.

Banner walls offer many benefits that can make them an attractive option for people looking for a dynamic and eye-catching display for their events, trade shows and marketing strategies.

X Banners make great temporary and mobile display systems for the travelling sales person and for exhibition display use. They are very light weight and can be used many times over. X-Banners are also known as roll up banners and pop-up banners and pull up banners.


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