About US

About Us


Who we are and what we do

SignForce exists to provide the community within which we work with the high quality, value for money custom communication services they need, whilst serving the people that work within the company, the companies share holders and the greater community to the best of our ability, whilst serving the people that work within the company.

  • The company is in the business of designing, manufacturing and installing custom communications.
  • We offer advice to those who WANT OR require it, ranging from design options through to the choice of most suitable materials and form.
  • We strive to provide the level of service that we expect from others and thus believe our clients expect from us.
  • We provide these services wherever they are required, especially throughout Southern Africa.

Our Services include:

At SignForce we pride ourselves on the quality and variety of 2D (two dimensional) and 3D (three dimensional) signs we design, produce and install. Dimensional letters can project both outwards or inwards, and can be internally illuminated when desired. Dimensional letters are sought after as they give every work environment a modern, professional and stylish look and feel.

Like a house is not a home until it is lived in and decorated, so a work place is not always beautiful or productive until it is enhanced by the decorative pictures achieved when using sandblast effect vinyl. Sandblast effect vinyl has many uses and benefits in the corporate environment. Sandblast effect vinyl is easy to decorate and apply, and relatively easy to remove when premises are vacated. It is a versatile product whose uses are only limited by the imagination.

We at SignForce pride ourselves on our ability to advise and consult on signage from a ‘business perspective’, meaning that we can advise as to what signs should give you and your business the best return on investment in any given situation. This includes location of signs, material to be used and marketing appeal.

Being a FULL-SERVICE custom sign business offering ‘start-to-finish’ sign project management. At SignForce we design, manufacture, project manage and install every type of sign, ranging from a single, small desk sign to the development of a customised sign system and large illuminated, fabricated building signs and HUGE billboards. We also maintain your existing signs. SignForce work with a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, glass and wood to ensure you get the sign you want to project the image you desire and meet your marketing objectives.

ignForce’s experienced, dedicated expert rigging technicians work to ensure that your work is completed on schedule and in a professional manner. Our rigging teams have been trained to look at the small details, and have been involved in a wide variety of works from installing small door signs to large heavy metal work installations. The SignForce installation team go the extra distance to ensure you and your business look good.

Our dedicated staff have years of experience in creating and executing the implementation of corporate identity and rebranding in a manner that projects and displays your businesses objectives. The SignForce team work to ensure that YOUR corporate identity is implemented in a professional, consistent manner. SignForce is your one stop sign, graphic and branding shop.

All signs are not equal. Different signs achieve different objectives under different circumstances. At SignForce, we have extensive marketing experience and keep abreast of the latest design and marketing trends. We use this knowledge to ensure that your BUSINESS SIGN works as a silent sales person – directing traffic to your business and earning it’s keep. As such when SignForce design signs, we focus on your sign being a tool that is a working investment.

Good signs enhance a business premises. Well designed signs begin by encouraging potential customers to come into your work space, and then continue their work by assisting those potential customers – directing them to where they want to be, and making it easier for them to find the products or services they are looking for. A large store is a boring warehouse until it is decorated with well designed signs.

For a full list of the products we offer, please click here to see our product page

Values and Mission

We believe very strongly that it is our values that separates us from so many other companies - both within the sign industry and without. Our values determine the way we do business and how we relate with you, our customer. You can expect all members of SignForce to operate with the same values. You would thus rightly expect to know exactly where you stand with the company at all times - we have no "hidden agenda". Inherent in our values is the respect we have for you, our client. We recognise that by dealing with you in this way we will enable us to grow within the communities that we serve.


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