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The truth about SignForce - as told by our Clients

Complimets on service and quality from HealthBridge Hi Arnold,

The sign you created for our new office in JHB looks absolutely stunning!!! Thank you so much for the quick, easy and great looking signage you have created and installed for us – it exceeded my expectations!

Thank you to Cornelius for installing the sign so quickly and efficiently!

Its been a pleasure working with you and your company!

Kind regards,

Pam Ploos
marketing executive

The Gabba, The Campus, 57 Sloane St, Bryanston

Tel +27 11 575 0123

Red Pepper Books Dear Arnold,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding, friendly and professional service we received from your company.

Knowing that we are on a tight budget, your structured your quotation to us in such a way that it became completely affordable.

The work was completed on time, and the signage delivered personally to us, despite the fact that we were supposed to collect it from your offices in Wynberg on completion. Thank you for going the extra mile and taking the time to drive out to us!!

We look forward to making use of your services in the future!

Warm regards,

Phillipa Mitchell
PO Box 22764, Helderkruin

Tel 011 768 1145

Letter from Amien Malik Many thanks for your instantaneous response to my call regarding the advert the company required for Grundig in Oaklands. The call out time was the next day a reasonable quote compared to the competitors was acceptable. But all that struck me and my colleagues was the speed, service, efficiency and finally the price.
Hope you grow from strength to strength and don't loooooooose focus like the Lions out in GP. Good luck for more business.

Many thanks

Amien Malek

Amien Malik
17 Athol Road, Oaklands.

Tel 011 786 6861

Letter from Chris Dummer Please be advised that we have on numerous occasions in the past 10 years used SIGNFORCE for various large projects that we have been involved with, such as SA Tourism and the Indaba Show Durban.

We have had excellent service from them and would highly recommend them in all instances.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the writer.

Yours faithfully

Christian Dummer.

Christian Dummer
Creative Space cc

Tel 011 493 7115

Letter from Roberto Jardim I have worked with SignForce for the past 7 years, producing signage for JHI internally and procuring signage for our client's buildings and tenant's premises.

Signforce's service has generally been good, and we have found that on the occasions when they have made errors, they have always been quick to rectify theses once they have been pointed out, and there is never an argument required to get the errors corrected.

I find they are always willing to assist and have a good understanding of our signage requirements and how this impacts on our business.

I happily refer them to many of our clients and tenants as we find their work to be of good quality at a fair price with excellent after sales service.

Yours sincerely
Roberto Jardim

2 Norwich Close, Sandton

Tel 011 911 8000

John Difford
Difford Advertising and Design

Website: www.dada.co.za

Solicited comment:

"I was one of the first SignForce clients - when they were still located in Strijdom Park. I have known David for some time and decided to give Arnold and him a chance. I was very pleased the way they responded - even working right through the night to make sure my first - rather impossible - deadline was met. Which they did again for me on a number of subsequent occasions. I would recommend them to anyone who really wants quality work and real service."

Leat Sacharowitz


Unsolicited Fax message, verbatim:

"I would like to Thank You and the Employees of your company for firstly assisting me to ensure that I receive a sign timeously and secondly commend you on the magnificence of the sign.
I would further commend you and your company for it's professional approach.
I will recommend all my family and friends to utilise SignForce in the future.
Thanks again."

Ref 273 Category:3D Letters & Logos:

This multi dimensional sign consists of fabricated Perspex letters installed onto wall together with a fabricated @ that is installed onto a fabricated, red Perspex box, with the fabricated box being installed directly onto wall. Internal (neon or LED) illumination hidden inside each letter makes this modern, multi dimensional sign attractive to the viewer.

Ref 51 Category 3D Letters & Logos:

A proficient means of building identification is fabricated letters or boxed letters; it provides a classy 3D effect to your display.

Ref 106 Category 3D Letters & Logos:

This highly visible, attractive, internal, 3D sign uses a combination of Perspex backing, Perspex cut out letters, digital print and cut out vinyl text to make this sign work well during the day and night.

Ref 152 Category 3D Letters & Logos:

This 3D sign consists of individual cut out aluminium letters. The 3D effect is achieved by the letters being installed spaced off the wall.

Ref 32 Category 3D Letters & Logos:

This is a great example of a 3D, top illuminated sign, by just fabricating the letters you can really enhance your room space.

Ref 14 Category 3D Letters & Logos:

Fabricated Perspex letters spaced slightly away from the wall with neon lighting hiden inside each letter giving it an attractive halo effect making it exstreamly visible to the public.

Ref 170. Category 3D Letters & Logos:

This 3D, internally illuminated sign is manufactured from plastic and aluminuim. The letters are each approximately 800 mm high and are internally illuminated with neon lighting. The light only shines through the front of these letters. The 3D effect is created by each letter having depth, known as a 'return' in industry jargon.

Ref 8. Category 3D Letters & Logos:

The use of a combination of fabricated lettering, vinyl letters and aluminium gives this sign a beautiful 3D effect.

Ref 102. Category 3D Letters & Logos:

This classy, 3D (three dimensinal) sign plaque, consisting of a glass backing with decorated and engraved anodized aluminium, with a raised logo, is exceptionally visible and contrasts fantastically from the backing wall.

Ref 272. Category:Banners:

This large format full colour digitally printed PVC banner is a excellent why to advertise and close off an area while renovating. This type of banner can be used for new or renovating shopping malls, office buildings and general construction sites.

Ref 271. Category Banners:

This large format, digitally printed banner for temporary use during the renovation of a shopping mall, makes a fantastic advertising wall. This woven plastic material is strong and long lasting and is installed directly onto a fence or frame structure.

Ref 269. Category Billboards:

This external building identification billboard sign consists of a full color digitally printed PVC (flexface) stretched over and applied to a meta frame. This billboard sign is installed directly onto the fascia of the building.

Ref 268. Category Billboards:

This free standing, single sided, large To Let billboard sign is decorated with a digitally printed PVC face (flexface), attached directly onto a metal frame. The metal frame is securely mounted onto gum poles that are concreted into the ground.

Ref 270. Category Billboards:

This large (3 m x 8 m) digitally printed PVC face (flexface) billboard sign has a print stretched over a frame. The bottom of the sign has approximately 4 meters ground clearance. The steel frame is attached to engineered steel poles concreted into the ground. Billboard signs such as this are commonly used by real estate agents to advertise property for sale or to let.

Ref 180. Category Billboards:

This free standing billboard sign decorated with a large format digital print was installed partway down an embankment, requiring extra long poles and reverse stays.

Ref 40. Category Billboards:

Here we have a free standing To Let sign where we have digitaly printed directly onto a Flex Face which is securely mounted to a steel frame.

Ref 55. Category Door & office signs:

Slatted in / out signboard is perfect for displaying a personís presence in a building, which is effective for both clients and receptionists.

Ref 249. Category Door & office signs:

This building identification sign made from painted, individually cut-out Aluminium letters installed spaced away from a separate Aluminium backing, gives this office block sign a 3D effect. The sign is installed directly onto the wall and visibility identifies the address

Ref 231. Category Door & office signs:

This decorated and printed Perspex sign consists of a clear Perspex backing with a digitally printed crest applied to the back of the Perspex in order to prevent tampering. The sign is installed spaced away from the wall and finished off with mirror screws.

Ref 339. Category Door & office signs:

This sandblast effect vinyl with black lettering applied onto the glass gives a clean modern look. Sandblast effect vinyl is easy to remove when the premises are vacated.

Ref 233. Category Door & office signs:

This cost effective, modern, outdoor, exterior sign with individually cut-out vinyl letters applied onto the a clear Perspex backing is installed spaced off the wall, giving the sign a 3D (three dimensional) look.

Ref 238. Category Door & office signs:

This cost effective sign is manufactured from Chromadek and decorated with individually cut out vinyl applied to the metal backing. The sign is installed directly onto the wall. This name on this information sign advises (potential) clients of where they are and also gives the business hours.

Ref 242. Category Door & office signs:

This decorated metal directory sign lists the companies in the office park. The sign consists of Chromadek (metal) backing painted a darker color than the wall to enhance visibility. The occupant company names and logos are cut out of vinyl and applied onto the Chromadek.

Ref 248. Category Door & office signs:

This Aluminium directory sign indicates which companies are in a specific office block. The letter A is an individually cut-out black Aluminium letters installed spaced away from the wall to create a 3D effect. The tenant directory is manufactured out of a Aluminium backing slats with individually cut-out vinyl letters applied directly onto each Aluminium slat. Each tenant signs is spaced away from the wall and finished off with mirror caps

Ref 232. Category Door & office signs:

This reception sign for Foregood is an excellent example of how a mix of materials can work well together allowing the sign to add a modern, sophisticated corporate look to the front office. This sign uses a combination of individual brushed Aluminium letters applied to a mirror create a 3D effect. The mirror is installed directly onto the rear wall of the reception, and will certainly make people look twice.

Ref 237. Category Door & office signs:

The use of cut out Perspex letters attached to a varnished wood backing gives this reception sign a sophisticated corporate look. The correct mix of materials and contrasts makes this sign look excellent.